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User manual

There is currently one main gui application using Ayyi, AyyiGtk, which aims to be a conventional audio/midi sequencer.


This gui can be used to do simple recording, arranging and mixing of audio and midi. Vst plugins are supported. It uses the Ardour session format. The same session files can be used either in AyyiGtk or in Ardour2.

The loaded project can be visualised in multiple ways. There are approximately 13 different views which can be arbitrarily arranged onscreen.

It has integrated context aware html help, which is duplicated on this site, and shows the currently availeble shortcuts.

Currently the gui is almost becoming usable, but is in no way comparable feature-wise or stability-wise with other more mature applications.

These pages describe the operation of each AyyiGtk window type:

Usage: Before running the gui, you need to manually start the engine.

Ayyi Beat Detector

A demonstration of client ‘service’ app. It connects to the Song host and uses libaubio to break a song region into multiple smaller regions. It can be launched transparently from a larger app such as AyyiGtk.


Ayyi 909

Adds 909 drum samples and patterns to the current song.